A male Anakadian

"The Anakadians may look alot like us but we did came from a slight different ancestor so don't forget it."

Anakadians are a humanoid race, one of the most advance races of the collective Human genus in the Milky Way. They look remarkebly similiar to their Human cousins, mostly to the Asians by physical features. They hail from the homeworld Anakkra, before their species had evolved the Anakadians were originally from Taul'ra like many of their sister races before they were enslaved by the U'mmit prior to the Great War. Centuries after their freedom their race was the first to achieve interstellar technology and established the Kingdom of Anakkra.


""We Anakadians gained the believe that one day in the future our decendants would take on what many call it "the great journey of Ascension" to a place called the Asgard Realm where all earlier and old races across the universe have gained. The Thihilun have and remained in this realm so it's possible.""
Shimuri Kimashuka

When their civilization was still young it may have been possibly they once grew old like their Humans counterparts and thought of improving themselves to be immune from many diseases. Their natural sences are much better adapted, they can see spiritual aura like the Sovra in dark enviroments, they could smell and hear a mile away. Their bones are stronger, only years after birth for their bodies to be physicaly stronger, faster and healthier than a human before actual first contact with extraterrestrial. They would be so fast that a Anakadian would vanish within a blink of an eye and reappear in just a mere second. Anakadians have an extensive lifespan, nearly a thousand years, or perhaps more, making them a long lived species.

Their bodies would stop aging completely when reaching their 24th year after birth The adult males would have firm, athletic and strong bodies. The females are attractivly beautiful, gain higher sences then the male counterparts when reaching puperty, they would have such well developed bodies, curves and large firm breasts. Their sexual mating is very unique to most races, when a couple make love to eachother their thoughts would link wit one another so that they know what their mate is thinking even share their lifespans as a sort've way of mating for the female Anakadian would only be pregnant with the child of their lifemate or husband in human terms. Seperation is very rare to them and the only way for it to happen if one of them were to be deceased.

What makes them so different from humans is when their ancestors were exposed to a special type Fraylenite crystals for long periods of time wich they adapted their new founded spiritual abilities to control the natural elements and use it with their technology and combat: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but usually it is rare for any to be able to use more than one or two elements. They may have learnt to control this ability from races that are capable of it.

Culture and SocietyEdit