Angelos Lucis



Asgard Realm



Physical distinction(s)

God-like, angelic entities of pure energy

Average lifespan


The Angelus Lucis are angelic beings that are one of the two most oldest and most powerful races in the Universe (the other are the Shinigami). They are an extra-dimensional beings from the Asgard realm, around sometime after the Big Bang they crossed over to our own universe and waged a war against the Shinigami.


It remains unclear how old the Angelus Lucis are but is well known to fact that they are clearly old enough to have long abandon the need for physical forms in their own universe, Asgard. The Angelus Lucis at some point discovered many alternate dimensions outside their own and decided to explore those universes.

Celestial WarsEdit

About billions of years ago when our universe made the first galaxies, the Angelus Lucis came into the young universe much clsoer to their's but were not the only ones when another interdimensional beings wanted it for their own but they soon learned that another had crossover into the young universe. These inter-dimensional creatures were known as the Shinigami and they saw them as invaders, the two sides had fought over the universe for untold periods of time, faught in many battles. The oldest of beings who lived through it described it to be the biggest, most terrifying war in the ancient era. The battles were so powerful that night would become day and day become night.

After centuries of warfare across the expanding universe, both sides ceased when another powerful deity that claim to be the first native lifeform in the young universe. The Angelus Lucis and the Shinigami had first believed it was not possible that life could evolve in such a chatoic era but soon they decided to settle a peaceful negotiation with their enemies to bring an end the Celestial War before it would tear the universe apart. Both agreed to claim small portions of space where they first came through while their former enemies do the same thing on the other side.


  • The name Angelus Lucis is latin for Angel light.