The Anunnaki are tall humanoid species who hail from the planet Koleria. They originally evolved on Earth or as they reffer to as Taul'ra like many other species, however their ancestors were once Humans before the U'mmit subjugated them and performed many experiments that made them into what they are.


Although the Anunnaki are warm-blooded mammels with fur allover their bodies but with avian characteristics such having two pairs of wings, feathered hair. Their chests are bare and have are lighter colour while the rest of their bodies are bright orange with white patterns, their wrists and ankles are coated in black fur. There are some distinctive features between the males and females of the species; the males have strong built bodies and longer creasts while the females have softer coloured bodies and very pronounced features around the hips, waist and breasts in similiar ways of other humanoid species. Their tails are much more decorative and larger feathered tips than the males.

Their wings are strong enough to lift them from the ground; their secondary wings are used for srpporting their bodies when they fly. The tails with the feathered tip is useful to keep them well balancede with the weight of their wings, also to help them change directions when flying.