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Chang Zu is a Zon Ghoul, as well as a member of the Death Hunters who were stranded on Earth. He is noted to be the master of illusions in China by attempting to rule all of Asia in the 1900s as the next emporer through a chosen host but his plans were foiled by the Chinese Branch's newly founded chapter, the Emerald Swords stopped him and his followers of their attempted assasination of the current emperor and had no choice but to leave China with his life.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about his earlier life but was created by Rahoon and most likely took part in the small conflict with the Kingdom of Anakkra.

Zon Ghoul WarEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit


Like many of the Death Hunters he took part to infiltrate many human societies, his own reason was to rule of a powerful government that would serve their purpose like when he tried to kill an emperor and take his body as his host before anyone would know. Chang Zu shows a strange personality, always shown smiling and laughs during combat.

As a Zon Ghoul he is very loyal to his creator and vowed to do whatever it takes to free his 'father' to help the rest of their fellow hive brethren to win the war.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit