• Pellucidan
  • Various (translaated)

Skin Colour


Hair colour


notable names

  • Reptillians
  • Lizardmen
  • Luccidans

Distinctive Features

Bipedal reptillians with the capability tocontrol energy from their bodies


Technological Achievements

  • Level 1 (nearing level 2)
The Djinn are a highly advance reptillian species, they are native to the planet Earth, more advance than the Kronan Ree and the Lemurians before their downfall. Although they do not live on the surface of the planet but beneath what is known as the Hollow Earth. Their species may perhaps evolved from a group of dinosaurs that perhaps survived the KT mass extiction 65 millions ago and at some point long before the U'mmit invasion they had created advance technology to hide themselves from the U'mmit. According to the Humans' mythology the Djinn came to the surface and mostly ended in conflicts with both Humans and Kronan Ree, possibly for territory and ressources. However they may perhaps beeen allies with them, the Lemurian Empire and the Kronan Ree Hierarchy when both were advance civilization before their great downfall which was unknown to many.


The Djinn are bipedal humanoid saurions. Their bodies are covered in armored scales, having a dense skeleton and evolved a bioluminescence from their scales and eyes to see clear in darker regions of the Hollow Earth. Their faces are decorated with pepple-shaped scales and portruding features located on their cheeks. There several breeds of Djinn that are either evolved or have been genetically created from their advance organic-technology, each taking their role in their subterrain empire.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The entire civilization is run by a feudal and democratic society, much like the Lemurians they maintain honor and respect to those who are deemed honorable. The Hollow Earth Kingdom is run by a council of elders and allow their people to speak for others in effort for their kingdom to flourish.



  • The Djinn show some similiar appearance to the Mythical Reptillians