Elemental Ascendence

Elemental Ascendance

The Elemental Ascendance is an interstellar government, one of the three largest stellar powers in the Milky Way Galaxy, the other two are the Sha'dahl Empire and the Thihilem Republic. The Ascendance was founded by the Elementals around 960,000 B.C.E The sole purpose of the Ascendancy is to spread their spiritual unity to all races in the galaxy, understand the true nature of the universe and teach the younger races of respect what is different and embrace it, similiar to the other Great Elders.




The Ascendance is a hierarch nation, originally in it's earlier years the Elementals were the major race of their ancient empire before space faring civilizations existed. It was reorganized after U'mmit War, like the Sha'dahl Empire they allowed each member races their own state of government and a voice in the council to strengthen the relations of each race.

Culture and societyEdit


The Elemental Ascendance shares some similarities to the other nations,



  • The Elemental Ascendance is mostly based on the ideas of Buddhism as they seek the true nature of reality, wisdom and respect all living beings.