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Orion-Cygnus Arm


Ilu'a Sector


Galtosh System

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  • Oceans
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Native Species


Galtrosha is an Orion-Cygnus Arm planet in the Galtosh system homeworld of the Galtoshrion civilization. In the Kaldorian War the planet was found by the Kal-Dolra to be used as an outpost, upon their arrival they discovered and made first contact with the native species who proved to be useful in their war aagainst the Thihilem Republic to hunt their enemies for sport and new challenges. The clans formed signed a membership treaty with the Kal-Dolra Clan Nation and allowed them to set up defences and a military outpost on the planet. Making Galtrosha one of the strongest and most militarised worlds in the region it also has a debris of ice that orbits the planet.

Geography FeaturesEdit

The surface of Galtrosha is covered mostly in swamp-like forests and mountains. It has a tropical, humid swampy environment, covered in marshlands and mountains. There are large bodies of water on the planet: giving a stablility throughout the main habitat. Large region of mountains in the wetern region and swampy expanse throughout the equator. It is home to many creatures, including the dominant species the Galtohrions.


Kaldorian WarEdit

In 4475 B.C.E., the planet was visited by the Kal-Dolra to set up a base and a military outpost for its harsh terrain, making it a suitable place to train new warriors. They discovered that there were inhabitants, a race of bipedal arthropods identified as Galtoshrions who see glory of hunting prey and combat as the way of life. A small conflict between the two races over the planet until it was halted by the council of the clan nations saw potential in the warrior species and may prove useful in the war against the Thihilem Republic. To prove themselves worthy of joining their small empire they performed a test of their skills against the Kal-Dolra, although some were outmatched by the superior strength their knowledge of the terrain gave them the advantage. Impressed by their skills even if they would'ved failed, the council accepted them as the newest members of their nation and gave them older technologies to give them the strong advantage of their new hunt on many worlds.