Gryph by Sanguisa

Kolerian Griffon

Griffons or mostly named "Gryphons" are large avian creatures found on a handful of worlds, their original homeworld is Koleria. Some species of Griffons were used for long distant travels by the Lotogan and once used for ariel combat before their technology developed, even some Anunnaki included for further distances. before the Humans began to spread acorss their home star system, many once considered such species as a myth until the year 2034 A.D. a group of experditionists discovered them.



  • Griffons are legendary creatures with the body of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle. As the lion is traditionally the king of beasts and the eagle was the king of birds, the Griffon was thought to be an especially powered and majestic creature.
  • In British Heraldry the Griffon is used to denote strenght and military courage and leadership. In the 12th century the Heraldric creature meant "Death-defying bravery in batte".
  • The Griffon was one of the best-known legendary creatures, they have been known in Mesopotamia and Eqypt since 3300 B.C.