Kal-Dolra are green-skinned species, they are native of their home planet, Kranuan. They are a proud tradition-bound race who value honor and combat. Their agressive culture and power made them an interstellar military state to be respected and feared by many in the galaxy ever since the Kaldorian War; creating an interstellar nation called the Kal-Dolra Clan Nation, allowing some species to join their nation, depends on their strength and military might namely the Galtoshrions.


The Kal-Dolra are strong humanoids standnig over 7 feet taller with highly resilient bodies, making them extremely hard to defeat in combat and only some species are shown to be an equel to their strength (Aside from the Great Elders who are far more powerful) they can lift objects five times the weight of their own. Their skin is pale green, along with their highlighted hair. Portruding out of their foreheads are decorative bone crests, each of them are different in their own way such as small protrusions, shapes similiar trait to how some humanoids have different shades of skin colour.