Lu'mai Dihn
Lu'mai Dihn
Astrographical and Georaphical Information

Region of Space

Orion-Cygnus Arm


Yis'ier Sector


Lu'mai System

Orbital Postion



  • Narron


  • Grasslands
  • Forests
  • Polar ice caps
  • ocean
Lu'mai Dihn is a forest world in the second orbit of the Lu'mai System, in between Perseus Arm and the Orion-Cygnus Arm. The planet notable for being inhabitable by the beetle-like Wanaku and later in the near-mid 21st century, it was colonised by a group of Human refugees during the Zon Ghoul War.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

The planet is mostly dominated by forests and grasslands, including channels of water from the near southern ocean. With most worlds it is teaming with lifeforms almost similiar to the species from the Eocene era, the Human settlers speculated that the planet was visited by the Sha'dahls millions of years ago and gave them the oppurtunity to study the possible decendants of the once thought extinct lifeforms of how they actually behave. One of the creatures were the Wanaku that were the size of a Horse


After the Humans currently became nomads after leaving their homeworld, the ship they were on was forced to change course to the Lu'mai system due to early sightings of Zon Ghoul Hiveworld,
Lost Land by meckanicalmind

A refugee ship ruins

however they were spotted and shot in the engines, they were pulled into the planet's gravity and made a crash landing on the planet. With little contact with the rest of their species the Humans were forced to fend for themselves and rely on what the ship had, creating a new society for the colonists make better lives. Several decades after being marooned they recieved contact with the nearby species, Yiran'na whoe recently began exploring space and found Lu'mai Dihn as the first terrestrial planet. Both got on well and traded technologies and maps from eachother's previous travels. The Yiran'ha first believed the planet to be the Humans' native homeworld but were refugees from a war they knew litte of. The settlers cannibised their ships to build buildings and homes


  • The image of the planet was made by a DeviantArt member gileryd along with the "The Lost Land" made by MeckanicalMind