Pyrus Jinruu
Volvagia by eic deviantart


Pryus Hal



Skin Colour


Hair Colour


Notable Names

  • Fire Lords
  • Elementals

Distinctive Features

Fire Spirits

Technological Achievments

Level 3


The Pyrus Jinruu are a flame Elemental race that originated from Pyrus Hal, a volcanic planet. They are one of the founding species of the Elemental Ascendance. They members of the Great Elders, possibly ancient and very powerful.


The Pyrus Jinruu are entirely made of fire-based entities and at some point may have evolved in an alternative path of evolution instead of the carbon and silicon-based lifeforms in the Milky Way, so far they have no limited lifespan which makes them near-immortal but can die like any other being. Many of the Pyrus Jinruu take on verious forms; some have solid forms with their natural entities incased. They long ago abandoned the need for oxygen and carbon to keep themselvese alive and able to travel in space. The Pyrus JInruu can manipulate the fire elements and can survive within a star to feed on the solar energy which includes stars before they turn into red giants or die.