R'yac who was a Human that was found by an Amejai as a child, sensing strong spiritual energy within him decided to teach and raise the boy in the ways of the Amejai Order

. He was given the name "R'yac" from the Alydonian histories of a great hero in the ancient wars. Over the years he proved himself worthy to be Amejai, and in his recent teen gained a Avatar named Sianna.


In 2123 A.D., R'yac was only 7 years of age and mostly raised by his parents on the colony world, Hai'affa. During his child hood, R'yac started seeing spirits and creatures that came for those who died. His parents at first thought of it as his imagination until one day they felt strong spiritual pressure from his bedroom. He was told by his parents never to allow the Human colonists to know his abilities for they were very superstitues since Earth's inhabitents changed after the Tharons came and altered the Human's DNA oand life on the planet. Fearing for his safety until they could leave Ha'affa for another month, however a month later his abilities grew stronger, unable to control it when he unknownwingly unleashed a shockwave at the endanged workers from a few fallen rocks. His father reacted by protecting his son and trying to calm the Human workers who gathered after the incident, saying he did not meant any harm but couldn't control his gifts but the workers refused to listen and believing R'yac to be some threat. Some took his father's side but was not enough to stop them from trying to harm him, ordered by his father to run home and get away with his mother before he was shot when defending R'yac.

Shocked and frightened, he ran histerically back home, only to find his home destroyed, including his mother. He was trapped inside the ruins by a mob of purists who are against enhancements wanting blood only to be stopped by the authorities and the Yaskkrin Governer, Haf Delus, a good friend of his father and aware of his conditions. The angered governer arrested them all for murder and attempted child abuse. R'yac suddenly felt two strong spiritual pressences but much stronger and seemed to brought to his aura. Founded by Haf who was saddened to came too late to safe his mother, he suddenly finds two people with odd garments and artifacts with them. The governer explained to him they are like him only more controllable with their gifts, they were suppose to take him and his parents away to teach him of using his abilities but now an orphan he immediatly accepted and took what was left of his things that didn't burn or too damaged.