Rai Kimashuka is Anakadian who was born on Kiyoshi, the son of Shimuri Kimashuka and one of the Two youngest member of the Ta'lyn Crew (The other was Kirara) and proved to be a very skilled swordsman.


Rai has dark orange scruffed hair with a lowing lock of hair behind his left ear and Earthly brown eyes. He was described by Kirara attractive. Athletic built, light skin. He mostly carries three of his katana swords with him. He is actually a foot higher than Kirara.


Early lifeEdit

Rai spent most of his life aboard the Leviathan Ta'lyn. His father, Akari Kimashuka left to fight in the Zon Ghoul War when he was young and promised to return home safely with them.

Zon Ghoul WarEdit

They came across a vessel infested by Zon Ghouls filled with prisoners, one of them was a young Human girl, Kirara Animagi who he immediatelt befriended with.

When they travelled to Furmiss to trade both Rai and Kirara had run into two Zon Ghouls; one of them known as Mikira was responsible for Kirara's kidnapping wanted to capture her to know more of her homeworld and her species. Severing Frekka's arm by revealing his Devil Stone ability by transforming into a dragonoid creature, did so to protect Kirara. Both successfully escaped by jumping from an edge and sprouted wings from his back to fly. Returned to the Leviathan he was given a kiss on the cheek by Kirara for protecting her.