The Sha'dahl Empire is one of the three major empires of the Milky Way galaxy, alongisde the Elemental Ascendance and the Thihilem Republic. It is a oldest stellar empire, founded by the Sha'dahls millions of years ago after evolving from the earliest of their civilization left Taul'ra and migrated to Fol Tau'ra as it later became the capital world of Sha'dahl Empire. Over millions of years after their species recovered the Sha'dahls begin expanding their newly born empire over the first handfu of systems, the planets they seeded with life from their homeworld evolved into sentient life and made them as gods in their religion and willingly joined the Sha'dahl empire.




Sha'dahl Empire

Sha'dahl Empire divide into states and sectors

The Sha'dahl Empire appears to be a democratic empire and a near-confederate government, led by the Mijurai, or emperor/empress who is traditionally elected by a Sha'dahl of nobility and wisdom to govern the empire. The Sha'dahl who is chosen to lead the empire would be trained and learn of their predecessors before them to lead the empire which would take until they are older and wiser before ascending to the throne. When in the imperial senate Mijurai is acompanied with the A'rau Ti, or Vice-Councilors which are commonly giving to a Dryad and a Shu Y'lann'sai as they are one of the oldest members of the Sha'dahl Empire.

The Empire once started out as a single power for many thousands of millennia before the U'mmit War, Mijurai Y'Rhea had granted some of the space faring species who were converted to their empire and fought in the war, a sovereign state of government to ensure they will deal with the future affairs and foreign relations on their own. At the time of the early 21st century is made up of more than several state-governments and empires and, each that represented by their own senators, ambassadors or leaders of their government.


Subject statesEdit

Although the Sha'dahls doe control the military of the empire, they delegate regional control to the memeber races to govern a state, planet and organization. They are free to follow whatever religion and belief they see. This would help strenghten the relations of understanding between the species in the empire and the galaxy. Senators and the iIjurai gather over discussion of politics, military and other things for their peoples in the Senate, which takes place in the capital world Fol Taul'ra.