Shu Y'lann'Sai




  • Atzerrin

Skin colour

Pale blue

Eye colour

Crystal blue

Notable names

  • Prophets

Distinctive Features

Tall semi-humanoids, mouthless faces


Technological Development

Possibly level 3

"We, the Shu Y'lann'sai devoted ourselves to the Sha'dahls when our civilization was young, many millennia ago. One day when the Preservers and the Great Elders in this galaxy ascend to Asgard we, and those chosen will take their place and pass on their teachings to the next generation."

The Shu Y'lann'sai are a highly advance, noble race who hail from the ancient homeworld of Atzerri They claim to be nearly as old as the Great Elder Races, also one of the most loyal members of the Sha'dahl Empire. Like the Sha'dahls, they believe that all life in universe is sacred in all forms they take and should be preserved if one day die out.


Shu Y'lann'sai may appear humanoid by appearance, they lack the mouths and nose, which at some point in their evolutionary history their species nolonger need feed and smell. Their life spans are about five thousands of years and like the Sha'dahls they perhaps ascend to the high plane of existence when reaching the end of their lives, suggested they are nearing to become an ascended species, possibly at the same level as the Thihilem.

Culture and SocietyEdit

For thousands of years the Shu Y'lann'sai have one ideology and religion as the Sha'dahl Empire have, believing in the "Great Journy of Ascension". They learned many from the Preservers of their ways of becoming one of their successors in the future. Passing their wisdom and teachings to those who join the empire.