The Tahl are a humanoid race. They were descendants of the near-extinct Neanderthals from the ancestral homeworld Earth After the U'mmit War they journeyed alongside with the Thinosians to the Sagittarius Galaxy. After settling on their new homeworld, with the aide of their Thinosian allies they formed the Tahl Republic and in the later centuries colonized over a dozen star systems in their small but strong nation.


The Tahl are humanoids with reddish hair, light tanish skin and having small ridges above their eyes.

History Edit


Tahl are direct decendants of Neandathals thousands of years ago when enslaved and genetically modified by the U'mmit, a species from the Andromeda Galaxy when their ancestors evolved later on the U'mmit returned and enslaved them along with many of their sub-cousins slaves. At some point when the Sha'dahl Empire learned of the U'mmit slowly invading the Milky Way and intervening the natural developments on several worlds, a great war conlflicted as the U'mmit Imperium was onthe brink of civil war of it's own by many enslaved races repelled against their masters, alongsided with the early Tahl ancestors with their technological skills and enhanced abilities. Using the Babylon Gate to journey back to their ancient homeworld to free the rest of their sub-cousins in the Milky Way.

With their nomadic fleet on limited resource their starthrust engines could only take them about 900 lightyears from their current position. The Thinosians who had followed them through the gate manage to catch up with them and use probes to search for planets that could be suitable to use terraforming technologies they scavanged from the war. Once they went into starthrust the fleet launched the probes. A few days later they retruend and few had found the closest terrestrial worlds. The Neandathals set a course to the newly discovered system they named KoHalh and the planet Tahlus

New beginningEdit