Terra is one of the homeworlds of the Elementals, located in the Illuminus System also a native planet of the Terra Sapius. It has a ring made up of astroids and ice, its surface appears dry but with pockets of small oceans.During the U'mmit War it was almost invaded by the Andromeda species, the U'mmit to attack the four elemental homeworlds to fracture the Ascendance but failed with the comined forces of the three nations. Like all the Elemental homeworlds, Terra is most heavily defended by its warships made up of living stone within it's ring and orbital moons.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Terra's surface is mostly dominated by deserts, canyons and mountainous regions. There are few large lakes seen on the surface and more beneath it. Terra has large ring orbiting around it, made up of several layers of rings.




  • Terra is the latin word and in other languages for Earth.