The Thaar-Gain-Jung were an ancient, advance race from Faluun Zera who once existed and ruled a vast collective empire, it was called the Thaar-Gain-Jung Confederacy. Their species was highly advanced, capable of creating species to serve them were known to have created the Tharons and other bio-engineared species to carry on their legacy after facing near-extinction thousands of years ago.


The Thaar-Gain-Jung are distinguished for their merely prolonged heads, multiple limbs and their bodies protected with organic carapace. Through studies of their biological and physical reasearch, xenobiologists have classified them as insects.

Society and CultureEdit

The Thaar-Gain-Jung had an monarch and hierach society, each hive community having its own queen. Although the queens would would choose a suitable male among any individual from the military and royal status if they prove themselves to produce stronger offsprings to one day take their place. Many females have higher status and also follow the same traditons as the royal caste, while males would serve as workers and soldiers, including mecial services due to their strength and speed.