The Thihilem are winged humanoids with angelic appearances and luminating bodies, giving appearance of beautiful angels. They hail from the planet Chandraeran are youngest members of the Great Elders, a near-ascended and founding race the Thihilem Republic, one of the three main powers in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Culture and SocietyEdit

The Thihlem live a society of democracy and welfare with little along with their counterparts the Ferocia after both species split before evolvoing into what they are today. They see themselves as the vocie of peace and wisdom to the younger races. Showing them ways living with one another but like many they follow the law of non-interference with the development of civilizations. They welcome all who wishes to join the Thihilem Republic and honor their choices if that race does not but if possibly become allies. Even though they peaceful, the Thihilem are aware that peace is not eternal and need to prepare themselves to defend them and their allies should conflicts emerge.


Early historyEdit

U'mmit WarEdit

Three Nation AllianceEdit

The Thihilem accepted the Sha'dahl Empire's aide when an extragalactic power known as the U'mmit Imperium enetered their galaxy they send out the frontier fleets to merge with their allies ships to attack the U'mmit.