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The U'mmit were once a mighty imperialistic race on the Andromeda Galaxy, they originated from a planet long dead and were the rulers of the U'mmit Imperium. What changed them into such ruthless imperialists was possibly from the relics of advance technology, gave them such power they never imagined and made themselves believed to be gods above all other races, even the Great Elders. They invaded the Milky Way Galaxy many thousands of years ago and found and secretly conqoured Earth for reasons unknown but were later discovered and after a long devastating war they were told to have been wiped out.


The U'mmit were large bipedal species, their bodies are protected by exo-skeleton and carapace-like armor that protects them from almost anything. They have prolonged heads and abnormal long arms with several fingers. When they found ancient relics of such unknown civilization such as the Babylon Gates in Adromeda, it altered their physiology, increased their psionic abilities to project shields and psi-blasts. They 'jump' from one area to another but only within a 5 mile perimeter.

Culture and SocietyEdit


They were once members of the Elder races in their home galaxy but soon abandoned their ways and believed themselves to be the true gods over the younger races so they expanded their empire and enslaved many species, forcing them to serve and worship them as their leaders. However as other galactic powers join forces through fear of them and other U'mmit fight one another for power over the empire. To ensure the future of their empire some traveled through the Babylon Gate to the closest galaxy, the Milky Way and found other galactic powers as powerful as they and perhaps more. One of them who called himself Marduk discovered the planet called Taul'ra by the native species of the galaxy to become an outpost for the imperium. Arriving onto the planet he and others more stumbled upon a species of homonids, suggested of creating genetic engineered slave species to serve them. What else they had discovered was a tower that was clearly built by the Gate Builders, the creators of the Babylon Gates. A few centuries on he returns with an army to enslave the Humans they created centuries ago and successfully controlled the humans and other sub-species they created from them.

Ummit on Earth

Marduk invading Taul'ra


  • Daniel N. Waugh had used the scenes and comic pages from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen when inspired of the Fallen's appearance and thought of a species based on that but more original .