Veroscant Galhim
Veroscant Galhim
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Galactica Cora


U'au Hal Sector


Galhim System

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  • Urban City
  • Ocean
  • Plentiful of natural sections




Thihilem Republic

"An entire planet made of vast cities, tendrils reaching out from the very planet as if they were arms but made up of countless buildings and trillions of sentients living in each of them.

Veroscant Galhim is a Craft World found near the Galactic Core region by few hundred lightyears from the clusters, possibly one of the largest of artifficial worlds in the Milky Way. Veroscant Galhim was created by the three great nations in the aftermath of the Great U'mmit War. It is currently the most populated planet in the galaxy where thousands of species would come, interact and create new ways for a better future for all.

Geographical featuresEdit

Veroscant Galhim was once a rogue planet when escaping it's parent star's orbit, drifitng throughout the galaxy until it was discovered by the Great Elder races where it wondered in the Galhim system, entirely artifficial, a large planet almost to half the size of a Gas Giant but despite the gravitational environment many of the founding races of the alliance after the great war. With the combined resources from many species to build vast cities andartifficial spires. It now holds an atmosphere for all to breath and many levels of artifficial gravitational systems for species

File:Veroscnat galhim city.jpg

that evolved on planets with strong or weaker gravities.

The most breath taking features of this planet are the six blade-like protrusions reaching out thousands of kilometers from the surface. Passing the two of the planet's moons.


The construction of the planet began after the Three Great Nation Alliance 's and many of the Great Elders' victory against the U'mmit. The Thihilem were the first to thought of creating a planet to represent peaceful harmony between civilizations in the galaxy, build strong relationships between them. The Elemental Ascendance and the Sha'dahl Empire supported this plan and found a suitable planet to begin their plan. The Dreh'ka Technocracy sent their drones to build cities on the surface and following the instruction of how the three great powers want it to look they created huge constructions that would take more than a century to build by the advanced Dreh'ka worker working tireless.

After years of construction the planet was completed and was named Veroscant Galhim and not long after many ships came to build new lifes.