Hei'len War

Zon Ghoul Wars
Shu Y'lann'sai and Zan Ghoul battle

629 C.E.


Almost the entire galaxy

Zon Ghoul Hive

"Throughout the history of life, there have been chaos, war and death. Organic life is nothing to the gods who long ascended."
[[Rahoon comparing his belief to god-like entities|[src]]]

The Zon Ghoul Wars, also known as the Great Zon Ghoul War, was the name given to the major galactic conflict which arose by the Zon Ghoul, an advanced war-like, parasitic race. It had first started during the Battle of Anakkra which had taken place a 1,000 years before the war occured were they were created by a group of renegades that attempted to set their plans for the Anakadian species but were discovered before their goal was completed. Having been exiled and sentence to execution their own creations had liberated them once they left orbit and fled the kingdom.

Although the war may have existed for over 300 years, however the Zon Ghouls mysteriously vanished for many decades, possibly a century after the last time they appeared. Either to hibernate or recover from their battles against so many species.

The creatures made their appearance to the MIlky Way and fought many conflicts between the three major powers, The Thhilem Republic, the Elemental Ascendance and then later the Sha'dahl Empire, including other galactic powers who were mostly ill-prepared for the coming invasion. Utilizing assimilated technologies they stole or used

File:Zan Ghoul Invasion.jpg

from their host species' intelligence to reverse engineer and convert into their own, the Zon Ghouls were masters ofadvance adaptation, enhanced their ability to infiltrate many societies accross the galaxy during between conflicts.

Many assumed the Zon Ghouls want to dominate the galaxy as the only power to exist, however some reports and intelligence suggest they have a more terrifying plot for all sentient species.



Although the earlier conflicts of the war started in 1647 A.D., the Zon Ghouls were created a 1,000 years prior to the war on Anakkra by secret. A group of Anakadians and few non-Anakadian species were conducting experiments and genetic engineering of a new species that is superiorly adaptive to anything. Abducted people of different races, preferably deceased to avoid any further suspicion.